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As we embark on a new year for the Society and the Association we will continue to put the objectives of the Society at the fore. Our charge is to work tirelessly to ensure the staff are fairly treated while remaining highly productive.  The appointment of a new General Manager to the Society, Mr. Garfield Sang in November 2010 provides a long overdue captain at the helm, with whom we may collaborate to steer the Society towards greater success. The Association welcomes  Mr. Sang to the Society and wish him great success in his new role as we pledge our full support.

We still welcome your suggestions about what you want to be informed about through this medium. Feel free to make your suggestion at the contact us page or by email at

Recruitment Drive
TIPSA is pleased to welcome Ms. Shari Ayres and Mrs. Mahaida Powell-McGregor to our executive committee. Both Ms. Ayres and Mrs. Powell-McGregor have been long standing members of the Association who have shown considerable support to our endeavours. We expect them both to be great assets to the executive as they continue on the journey with us in their new capacities as leaders.

The Association wants to broaden its scope to develop programs to enrich the work life of our members beyond the realm of wage negotiations and need the manpower to spearhead these initiatives. Join now and play your part in our development.

Latest Updates
  • TIP staff are looking smart and professional in their new uniforms as of March 1, 2011
  • New TIPSA Executive Commitee members appointed.
  • The staff membership of the Society are questioned as rule change omit them.
  • TIPSA has a new email address:
  • TIPSA is now on Twitter. Follow our Twitter updates at

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How to Become a TIPSA Member

If you are a permanent member of staff of TIP Friendly Society you can benefit from becoming a member of TIPSA. Simply download the TIPSA membership application form and the UAWU application form here. Complete both forms and submit to the Secretary at our head office.

Benefits of Membership

TIPSA operates by unifying the voice of the employees of TIP Friendly Society. We collaborate with the Management Team as well as the Board of Management on the policies that govern your employment, your benefits, compensation and organisational issues. If you are experiencing difficulties in your work environment we are here to help you improve your experience. More about us...

Partnerships & Affiliations

The University and Allied Workers Union provides full representation to TIPSA members for industrial relations and labour laws consultation.

TIP Friendly Society

Our partnership with our parent organisation TIP Friendly Society exists to improve benefits to our members. This is  made possible through the fulfillment of our mutual objective of the continued growth and productivity of the Society.  Browse.